LTWCA Meeting Notes from 2 May 2001


Present:  Linda Drey-Nightingale, Julie Duncan, Michael Glenn, Ingrid Hardy,

Gene Hunner, Nancy Kingman, Peri Nielsen (formerly Erlanger, congratulations

on your marriage), Curt Parkin, Jerry Jensen and Marguerite Thayer


It was brought to the attention of those present that the LTWCA Articles of

Association are not consistent with the number of board members that we

presently have.  Michael Glenn suggested that the articles be updated. 

Michael is willing to spearhead this effort along with assistance from Linda

Drey-Nightingale.  The articles will be sent out to all community members to

review and suggest changes. 


The deadline for suggestions will be by the next

board meeting, 29 May, when all the information will be compiled and



The board will decide which changes, if any, to put to the

community for a vote.  The vote will be hopefully in June and the amendments

will be adopted at the July meeting.  Also during this time there will be a

description sent out of the president's job (or "chairman's job" if we go

by the articles).  Hopefully by the August meeting there will be an election

of the president or chairman.  There was an informal vote to elect Michael

Glenn as temporary president or chairman with Linda Drey-Nightingale as an



Michael and Linda will work on a newsletter.  It will include the Articles of

Association and a description of the LTW web site which was graciously set up

by Jerry Jensen.  The description will include site's contents so people know

what to go to the site for.


Dave Lowin delivered a letter which was received by Jean Rasch.  It was a

memo from the San Mateo County Council to Terry Burnes in the Planning and

Building Division in San Mateo County.  Terry Burnes had posed several

questions to them about not zoning uniformly but by parcel.  The memo

responded to this and basically said anything is possible if it is

"reasonable."  The full memo will be made available on the LTW Web site, the

three bulletin boards and from each district representative.


The next board meeting will be on Tuesday, 29 May at 7:00 p.m.

at 115 Lake Rd.


Respectfully submitted by Linda Drey-Nightingale