Minutes from the LTWCA Board Meeting

30 Aug. 2001, 7:00 p.m.


Present were: Linda Drey-Nightingale, Julie Duncan, Mike Glenn, Christine

Hunner, Nancy Neuer, Gale Smith, Armin Staprans, Marguerite Thayer.


Minutes from the 11 July 2001 Meeting were corrected and approved. The

correction was in Section IV.F.: there are “15â€* seats on the Board and “11â€*

possible Board votes.


There was a discussion about the timeliness of approving the Board Meeting

minutes. Several ideas were discussed. The Board agreed upon the Secretary

or minute taker circulating the minutes to the Board Members via e-mail. The

Board Members would have a 5-day period to correct or approve the minutes.

After that time the minutes would be finalized and sent to all Board Members

and Jerry Jensen to be posted on the LTWCA web site.


A budget of $150 was decided on for the 16 September Business Picnic. This

will be used to buy beer, soda, water, ice and napkins.


The following is a breakdown of duties for the picnic:

Armin - table, 4 chairs, 2 ice tubs, children’s toys

Carol Wagner - emergency information

Christine - 3 chairs, cooler, whiteboard and markers

Gale - beer, soda, water, napkins, 4 chairs

Julie - name tags, check-off-list of residents

Linda - 4 chairs, children’s games (scavenger hunt, etc.) and toys, extra

Articles of Association and ballots

Michael - trash cans, recycle bins, canning pot for ballot collection

Marguerite - extra plates and silverware, collect dues and emergency money,

check off who pays

Peri - ice (about $20 worth)


The changes to the Articles of Association made by Linda Drey-Nightingale

were approved and two additional changes were made to clarify the text. In

Section IV. A. “one from each of the four Districtsâ€* was changed to “one each

from each of the four Districtsâ€* and in Section IV. F. “as each Districtâ€*

was changed to “because each District.â€*


A sample ballot was handed out. Armin Staprans offered to share District I

with Gale Smith. Thank you, Armin! Jamie Sovereign will also be added to

the ballot. Linda has a few more people to hear back from, but so far no one

has offered to run for president. Linda will get the draft ballot out to the

nominees ahead of time so they can make any necessary changes. Then the

final ballot will go out to each member of the community a number of days

before the picnic. No more possible candidates were mentioned. On the same

ballot with the Board will also be the vote on the Articles of Association.

There will be 3 possible choices for the Articles: 1) yes to all Sections,

2) yes to all Sections except Section ___, comments_____, 3) no to all

Sections, comments______.


There was a discussion about having a vote on the members of the zoning

committee and it was decided that a vote was not needed. The Board, which is

voted in, would be the group to carry out the recommendations of the zoning



A strategy was decided on for the long term if no president was elected. The

Board members will rotate the presidential duties until a president is found.


During the community Meeting the children will have activities to do. Linda

and Armin will have supplies to make this happen. The suggested agenda for

the Meeting is:

Discuss the Articles of Association

Go over ballot and introduce nominees

Collect the ballots

Emergency Preparedness update


Zoning Committee


The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m. Thanks to all who attended on such short



Respectfully submitted by Linda Drey-Nightingale, Julie Duncan, and Gale Smith