Los Trancos Woods Community Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board

March 6, 2002, 7:00 p.m.



Attendees:    Jan Avila, Nelson Dake, Julie Duncan, Michael Glenn, Christine Hunner, Peri Nielsen, David Rasch, Jean Rasch, Rebecca Reynolds, Jan Simpson, Gale Smith, Armin Staprans, Nan Swander and Carol Wagner. Gale Smith led the meeting.


Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes:    Michael Glenn raised an issue with the draft of the minutes distributed by Linda Drey-Nightingale from the last meeting. Gale Smith said she would talk to Linda about it and postpone the approval until the next meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:           Julie Duncan, the LTWCA Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s Report.


LTWCA Dues: District I (Armin) reported difficulty getting out to the houses in his District. Julie Duncan and Nelson Dake kindly offered to assist with the effort. District II (Nelson) reported a 95% collection. District III (Christine) also reported a majority of dues have been collected. District IV has not reported, yet. Gale Smith requested that any additions or modifications regarding contact information, etc. be communicated to her so she can update the LTW directory database.


Water Board Minutes: Armin Staprans gave an informal report of information he learned from Curt Parkin in the last Zoning Committee meeting. The Water Board is investigating the possibility of getting additional water from our current provider and is hopeful we will get additional water in the next year or two.


Los Trancos Road Improvements:         Gale Smith reported she would be sending a letter to Palo Alto from the LTWCA concerning the effort made to have the remainder of Los Trancos Road mended. Armin Staprans said he would send out a similar letter to the Palo Alto residents of Los Trancos Road to garner their support.   


Zoning Committee Meeting Update: Armin Staprans reported on the last meeting of the Zoning Committee. He reiterated the Committee’s intent to distribute informational material and proposals designed to elicit the community’s interest in re-zoning and achieve a consensus in that regard. Armin also reported that he sent a letter to Richard Gordon, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, in response to the correspondence sent in January 2002 by Jean Rasch. The letter informed Sup. Gordon about the Zoning Committee’s efforts and requested that he wait to hear the results of that effort before initiating any review process. Armin believes the Zoning Committee’s process is moving along and encourages any interested persons to attend meetings. Meetings are held 7:00 p.m. the second Tuesday of every month at Armin’s home, 159 Ramona.


Sewer/Septic Update: Julie Duncan reported on the sewer project. She is hopeful that LAFCO will conduct a hearing in March 2002 to annex the group to the West Bay Sanitary District. After that, the group will have to finalize financing, conduct surveys and hire contractors. In light of the delays, the earliest expected date a sewer pipe could be built is now Spring of 2003. Julie Duncan indicated that she intends to conduct a meeting of the members of the sewer group in the near future to give an update on the project.


Julie also mentioned that the Health Department of San Mateo County would be sending out correspondence inviting property owners to have their septic systems inspected. She has been informed that this effort is intended by the County to be educational, is not occasioned by the sewer project, and any response by property owners is entirely voluntary.


Oral Communications: The LTWCA resolved to set aside the beginning of each meeting to hear from any LTW residents who wish to speak to the LTWCA on topics of interest or concern.


Emergency Preparedness: Carol Wagner informed everyone that there would be a class on communications (e.g., radio) on April 27, 2002, place to be announced.


Jean Rasch: Jean shared with the LTWCA a letter dated February 12, 2002 she received from Rich Gordon, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, in response to her effort to revise LTW’s zoning regulations. Sup. Gordon informs Jean that, because of backlog and staffing shortages, the Long Range Planning Group will likely not be able to take on any significant new assignments until next year. Sup. Gordon said he was prepared to place the LTW rezoning project in line for attention when resources become available and advised Jean and her supporters to “bridge remaining gaps over this issue and achieve some sort of convergence.” Sup. Gordon emphasized the importance of achieving “buy-in” among a majority of homeowners before he would be able to begin and commit County resources to any rezoning project.


Michael Glenn and Armin Staprans both invited Jean to join LTWCA and the Zoning Committee in their efforts in this regard. Jean said she would consider it.


The next LTWCA meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on April 3, 2002 at 1074 Los Trancos Road.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Peri Nielsen, LTWCA Secretary.