Los Trancos Woods Community Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board

April 3, 2002, 7:00 p.m.



Attendees:    Jan Avilla, Nelson Dake, Linda Drey-Nightingale, Julie Duncan, Michael Glenn, Dave Lowin, Peri Nielsen, Armin Staprans, and Tom Thayer.  Nelson led the meeting.


Public Comment:   None.


Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes:    Peri Nielsen suggested the Board eliminate “approval of the prior meeting minutes” as an agenda item in light of the new e-mail approval process now in place.  The Board agreed with the condition that, when items were proposed requiring comment from the full Board, efforts be made to provide hard copies of the draft minutes to those individuals who do not have e-mail or who do not access e-mail on a regular basis.  It was agreed that the following persons would be responsible for providing such hard copies to the following Board members: Dave to Nelson, Michael to Marguerite, and Jan to Linda and Carol.


Treasurer’s Report:           Julie Duncan, the LTWCA Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s Report.


LTWCA Dues:          Julie reported tentative results, which show a successful dues collection effort with approximately 100 out of 130 homes collected.  Linda will coordinate with District members to assemble and transmit data regarding individual homes for our emergency preparedness and directory projects.  Julie agreed to work with the District Representatives to get an accurate count of the number of households who have paid dues to report at the next Board meeting.


Zoning Committee Meeting Update:  Armin Staprans reported on the last meeting of the Zoning Committee.   Armin informed the Board that the last meeting was productive and that, at the Committee’s request, Curt Parkin drafted a simple, one-page informational document containing a zoning proposal agreed to by the Zoning Committee’s members.  The Committee hopes to distribute this document to the community at-large for its consideration and then to hold approximately two community-wide meetings for people to ask questions and voice their views.  Armin reiterated the Zoning Committee’s intent to achieve a consensus among the community members.   He encouraged anyone with opinions regarding zoning to attend the Committee meetings.  The next Zoning Committee meeting will be held on April 23, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. at Armin’s home, 159 Ramona.


Sewer/Septic Update:  Julie Duncan reported on the sewer project.   She informed the Board that the LAFCO hearing to approve the sewer project had been postponed until May 15, 2002 so that, among other things, the sewer group could firm up its financing arrangements.


New Business:         Armin informed the Board he attended a meeting last Thursday held by the County of San Mateo for the benefit of unincorporated associations such as Los Trancos Woods.  Representatives from the Board of Supervisors (Richard Gordon), Environmental and Health, the Sheriff’s Department and Public Works were in attendance.  Armin said the purpose of the meeting was for the County to communicate its vision to the associations and to establish a dialogue with the hope of becoming informed of and assisting with the associations’ respective needs and goals.  Armin described for the County our present interests in the areas of sewer and zoning and expressed a desire for a contact person at the County to be responsive to us in these and any other areas of interest.  Armin felt the meeting was beneficial.  The Board agreed that, if the County were to hold future meetings, it would rotate the responsibility of attending them among the Board members.


Linda requested that any items for inclusion in the upcoming LTWCA Newsletter be brought to her attention by Sunday.


Tom reported that he spoke with Curt Parkin who said the Los Trancos County Water District remained optimistic that it will be able to negotiate successfully for additional water supplies from California Water Co.  In addition, discussions regarding a possible merger with Cal Water are ongoing.


The next LTWCA meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on May 1, 2002 at 1074 Los Trancos Road.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Peri Nielsen, LTWCA Secretary.