MINUTES of the MEETING of the Board
June 5, 2002      7:00PM

Attendees:  Jan Avilla, Nelson Dake, Linda Drey-Nightingale, Julie Duncan, Michael Glenn, Dave Lowin, Jean Rasch, Rebecca Reynolds, Jan Simpson, Gale Smith, Armin Staprans and Marguerite and Louie Thayer.   Nelson led the meeting.

Public Comment:  None

New Business


Garbage:  With plans to withdraw their services in this area, Los Altos Garbage Co. has agreed to continue providing refuse and recycle collection for the residents of LT Woods and Vista Verde allowing us time to select and secure the services of another waste collection firm.  Starting July 1, 2002, Greenwaste Recovery will begin providing these collection services under contract for the Town of Portola Valley, including the subdivisions of Oak Forest Court and Blue Oaks while BFI will service Ladera.  Members of LTWCA and Vista Verde’s Board are in ongoing communication with these firms, as well as the Town of Portola Valley and San Mateo County in an effort to assure of our needs being met by the best provider. We decided the simplest approach would be to contact the Town of Portola Valley to ask that it amend its household waste and recycle contract with Greenwaste to include Los Trancos Woods and Vista Verde.  Dave Lowin offered to lead these efforts on our behalf.

Vista Verde Picnic:  On Sunday, August 25th Jacque Littlefield will be hosting Vista Verde's picnic at his Pony Tracks Ranch.  Our community has been extended an invitation to attend.

Los Trancos Woods Picnic:  District II Rep. Nelson Dake offered to host our community picnic at his home on Sunday, September 22nd.  Our Vista Verde's neighbors are invited to join us as well.

Treasurer's Report:  Julie Duncan, the LTWCA Treasurer, gave the Treasurer's Report.

Emergency Preparedness:  Carol Wagner reported that she is looking forward to sharing a bit of her emergency knowledge with us on Saturday, June 15th.  Arrive at her home (184 Bonita) by 9:30AM and plan to receive two hours of emergency training that can enable you to help yourself, your neighbors and our community. Coffee and snacks will be provided by the Wagners.

Newsletter:  Linda would appreciate receiving items for the upcoming June/July addition of our newsletter by the end of next week.

Old Business:


Directories:  Gale Smith reported that preparation for printing of the 2002 addition is a "work in progress."  Michael Glenn confirmed his previous offer to print, collate and staple the directories.  With their combined efforts Gale will meet her goal of completion of this project by our annual Woods picnic in September.

Phone Tree:  Linda Drey-Nightingale gave each District Rep an up-to-date copy of the Emergency Phone Tree, which she recently revised from information gathered by each of our 4 districts.


Rezoning:  Armin Staprans reported that the rezoning committee members have reached a consensus and he plans to present their suggested proposal following their meeting on June 11th.

Reverse Directories:  Julie Duncan will make updated copies of the Reverse Directories for each Board Member as requested from the information gathered by the district reps and compiled by Linda.

Next Meetings:  Change of Schedule
:  Due to the summer holiday season we will next meet on Wednesday, July 24th at 7:00PM at Marguerite and Louie Thayer's home.
:  There will be NO meeting in August.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM with all extending our appreciation to the Thayers for sharing their home with us once again and expressing our pleasure in seeing Marguerite well recovered.

Respectfully submitted, Julie Duncan (miserably filling in for Peri Nielsen, LTWCA Secretary)