LTWCA BOD Meeting Notes 7/21/04


(Clarification: Meeting notes state LTWCA Picnic as 9/18 but date was changed after the meeting to 9/26 so we would not conflict with Blues & Barbeque.)



Jan Avilla

Nelson Dake

Linda Drey-Nightingale

Michael Glenn

David Lowin

Keith Reeves

David Smernoff & Kayla

Jamie Sovereign


Meeting was held at Dake's and called to order on July 21, 2004 at 7:15 pm by Jan Avilla


Additons to Agenda and Public Comment:

- David Lowin announced that he will be stepping down as Rep-at-Large as he and his family will be relocating out of the country soon. The BOD thanked David for all of his participation and work over the years. We'll miss you, David, and look forward to your return.

- The members of the BOD introduced themselves to Keith Reeves, a resident of Ramona Rd. in District 1. Keith came to the meeting to check out our activities; we hope to get him more involved in the future. Thanks for joining us, Keith!

- It was suggested that the BOD periodically schedule local experts to come speak to the community about timely local topics. Possible topics include invasive plants and predatory animals. The BOD will consider the development of a "Winter Speakers" program to encourage information flow and neighborhood gatherings during the season when we see each other the least.


Treasurer's Report:

- Julie Duncan was not in attendance and no treasurer's report was made available.


Other Business:

- The cell phone recycling program, led by Linda Drey-Nightingale, was dealt a major blow when the box of phones that had been collected over the course of two days was stolen. If residents have a phone to recycle, they can contact Linda at 851-1787 or bring it to the picnic.

- Jan Avilla and Jamie Sovereign have started researching disposal options to support a neighborhood household battery recycling program. Jan spoke with representatives of Greenwaste, who will consider a semi-annual or quarterly pick-up. Jamie is researching options with San Mateo County.

- Linda recapped the history relating to our web site, community forum, and Yahoo! group. Jamie proposed that a small working group be formed to discuss internet communication options, including web site content and design. Suggested working group members include Peri Nielson and Jerry Jensen. Interested folks can contact Jamie at 851-8287.

- The BOD signed a "Thank You" card for Jerry Jensen for his work to date on the web site and also for hosting.


Phone Tree and Directory Information:

- Quite a bit of progress has been made on phone tree updates in the last month. Any remaining updates must be received by the end of July.

- David S. and Nelson will get together to recruit a new Rep-at-Large to replace David Lowin.



- Linda will include a request for photos from the community via the next newsletter.

- David S. (?) will e-mail Annaloy Nickum to see if she has any photos from her time in the Woods.

- As was reported in BOD Mtg Minutes of June 16, 2004, the picnic will he held in Marguerite's honor and she will be introduced as an honorary lifetime BOD member and community members will be encouraged to share stories at the picnic.

- Linda will send a formal card inviting Marguerite to the picnic and letting her know that it is being held in her honor.

- Michael will provide to Linda a draft of a formal-looking certificate to frame.


Annual Picnic on Saturday, Sept. 19:

- The picnic was discussed extensively and all necessary decisions were made and volunteers were identified to provide all of the necessary items.

- All information was collected by Jan and list of who is responsible for what will be sent out to all those actually on the list. As of the this BOD meeting, all necessary contributions and tasks have been covered.


Next BOD meeting to be held on Wednesday, Sept. 8. We are returning to the previous schedule of holding meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of the every 2nd month.