Los Trancos Woods Community Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board

Wednesday, July 6, 2005


The meeting took place at Nelson DakeÕs residence. It was called to order at 7:10 P.M.


In attendance were Nelson Dake, Jamie Sovereign, Rebecca Reynolds, Mary McDonald, Linda Drey-Nightingale, Gail Smith, Jan Avilla, Julie Duncan and Arthur Nielsen (who took the minutes).


TreasurerÕs Report. Julie Duncan, as Treasurer, delivered the TreasurerÕs Report.


Emergency Preparedness Committee. Arthur Nielsen was nominated as Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and, after consideration, the Board appointed to him to the position. Arthur then reported that the reorganization of the emergency preparedness coordinator tasks has proceeded along the lines proposed at the last Board meeting, with the job divided into functional departments with the Preparedness Coordinator as a central administrator. Arthur indicated that Jamie was handling Record Maintenance, David Smernoff was handling Logistics and Supply Management, and Arthur was handling administration and drill organization. The team is actively seeking a volunteer for the other two spots: (i) training and skills identification function (attending first aid and CPR training classes, facilitating such training by other community members, coordinating with key responders), and (ii) the medical coordination function (medical supplies and resources, coordinating with Vista Verde on shares resources).


Current action items include (a) recruiting one or two more people to join the preparedness team, (b) beginning to prepare for the October earthquake drill, (c) coordinating with Vista Verde and Pony Tracks Ranch about procedures in general, and (d) updating household information surveys at the picnic.


The Board considered the emergency phone tree, and resolved that it should be updated every two years.


Blue Oaks BMR committee report. Linda opened the floor to comments on the draft letter to the community about the Blue Oaks BMR issue. The Board considered comments to the letter that had been communicated via email by Rebecca Reynolds and Peri Nielsen. After discussion and agreement about minor edits, the Board approved the letter for distribution. The final form is attached as Appendix A to these minutes.


LTCWB Meeting Regarding Use of Lands Still Held. Mary reported on the meeting of the water board held on June 16, 2005. In summary, the water board no longer administers water distribution, but it owns certain open space properties in Los Trancos Woods and Vista Verde, and is actively considering possible uses for them that are both legal and practical. Mary reported that the Water Board is seeking legal counsel to determine whether, and in what capacity, it can administer the land and transition into a land stewardship function. The Board discussed whether it should take any positions or make any suggestions to the Water Board. After discussion, the Board concluded that it needs more information before it can develop a concrete position. The next Water Board meeting is scheduled for August, and Mary volunteered to attend and report to the Board.


The Board deliberated about the need to balance its desire to publicize the issue more widely within the community with its responsibility to avoid publishing information that is incomplete or speculative. The Board agreed to delay specific action on this topic until after the next Water Board meeting. Mary suggested that anyone who canÕt attend the Water Board meeting should email her questions or concerns at girlnerd@hotmail.com, and she will communicate them at the Water Board meeting. The Board agreed to present this information in the newsletter.


Neighborhood Garage Sale. Linda proposed that the Board consider sponsoring a community garage sale. The Board discussed how this could be a service to community, which could make it appropriate for Board sponsorship. Various promotional strategies were discussed. The Board also considered logistical considerations like the number and locations of garage sales, timing, and traffic and parking considerations. The Board then questioned whether it should contribute financially, or whether expenses should be borne exclusively by the individuals participating in the sale. Debate ensued. The Board concluded that a note in the newsletter, and the use of its name in promotional materials would be acceptable, but that it would not authorize expenditures at this time. The Board reached a consensus that individual Board members would participate but that the Board as an institution would not actively organize or sponsor the event, which was informally scheduled for mid-August or later.


Annual Picnic. The LTW annual picnic is scheduled for Sunday, September 18, 2005, from 3 Š 6 P.M. The Board discussed a theme and potential presenters. After discussion, the Board decided that a Woodside Fire District representative would be a good presenter, especially if accompanied by a fire truck. The Board considered logistical issues, including space requirements near the picnic site for a fire truck to park, and whether this would be acceptable to nearby residents. Linda volunteered to contact Woodside Fire about organizing a presentation, and to scout a favorable location for the fire truck.


The details of the picnic were decided as follows:

1. Barbecue and potluck, with no culinary theme. Everyone brings their own meat.

2. Arthur and Jamie will set up an emergency preparedness table, which will provide general information, a forum to introduce Arthur as the coordinator, and a chance for Jamie to update the master household surveys.

3. The Board set the budget for the picnic at $175.

4. The attendees circulated a signup sheet for basic supplies:

Armin Staprans - 2 Ice Tubs, Tables/chairs (Linda to contact Armin)

                        Arthur - Water, Emergency Prep. info table

                        Gale - White board announcement (1 week ahead)

                        Jan - Ice, set-up

                        Jamie - Chairs, Recycle bins, Emergency Prep. info table, Flyer, Clean-up

                        Julie - Name tags & markers, extra plates/utensils, collecting dues, set-up

                        Linda - Chairs, Recycle bins, Clean-up

                        Nelson - Napkins, trash cans

                        Rebecca - Chairs, Beer/soda, Master of ceremonies, Clean-up

5. After discussion, the Board agreed to collect dues in the amount of $30, representing $10 for two yearsÕ community association dues, and $20 for the emergency fund. Julie volunteered to take responsibility for collecting dues at the picnic.


Additional Newsletter Items.

            The Board agreed that it would be appropriate to announce in the newsletter that Board elections will be held at the picnic, and dues collected.


Next meeting. The Board scheduled its next meeting for Wednesday, September 14 at 7:00 P.M. at 1074 Los Trancos Road.


The Board adjourned the meeting at 8:38 P.M.


Respectfully submitted, Arthur Nielsen, acting Secretary.