Los Trancos Woods Community Association

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board

January 11, 2006, 7:00 p.m.



Attendees:    Ellen Ashley, Nelson Dake, Michael Glenn, Arthur Nielsen, Peri Nielsen, and Jamie Sovereign. Arthur led the meeting.


Public Comment: None.


TreasurerÕs Report: None owing to JulieÕs absence.


BMR Report: (from an earlier email to the Board):


Update on BMRs, now Save Open Space in Portola Valley (S.O.S. in P.V.) SOS in PV sent letters to each Town Committee that would be involved in a change of location to the Fire Rd.  We followed up with personal phone calls to the Chairs of each Committee.  All of the Committees were very interested in the issue but said they can take no action until it formally comes before them for comment.  SOS in PV also took Mary Ann Derwin, the newly elected Town Council member, on a hike through Blue Oaks to look at both the original and the possible relocation site.  She appreciated being given a tour and as of now does not see adequate reason to move the BMRs to the Fire Rd.  SOS in PV is busy recruiting Steering Committee members from the Ranch, other parts of P.V. and one more person from Vista Verde.  We are also investigating what kind of Conservation Easement is on the Fire Rd. location.


New Member at Large: The Board welcomed Ellen Ashley to the meeting and voted her in as a new Member at Large. Welcome Ellen!


Emergency Preparedness: The Board discussed various topics relating to the WoodsÕ preparedness in light of the recent storms, which resulted in power outages, road blockages, and falling trees (20 by last count). The Board also discussed what efforts have been undertaken to make sure emergency supplies were being updated. Michael mentioned that he has an emergency kit that likely needs updating and that he would check to see whether its contents had expired. The Board asked the Emergency Preparedness representatives to provide a report about progress on filling vacancies, updating supplies, sending out announcements for First Responder training and the like, etc. Arthur and Jamie agreed to furnish such a report at the next meeting. Jamie also informed the Board of a student neighbor who would be doing an emergency preparedness school project and will hopefully be of assistance to the Emergency Preparedness committee in carrying out its charge. The Board also asked Arthur and Jamie to locate the other medical kit (thought to belong to David Lowen).


Newsletter: The deadline for articles in the next newsletter is January 23.


Water Board Attendance: The Board discussed whether it was necessary to ask Mary McDonald to continue attending Water Board meetings and updating the Board accordingly. The Board agreed that, given that David Smernoff had been elected to the Water Board and is also a Board member, he could provide such a report to the Board going forward.


Trees: The Board briefly discussed the eucalyptus tree that might be taken down on Los Trancos Road. Jamie explained the various issues such non-native trees present to our environment, including the fact that they are heavy trees, which do not lose leaves during our rainy season. Therefore, they become heavier with water collection and more vulnerable to falling down in storms, potentially causing major property damage and presenting a risk of personal injury. The Board agreed that, if asked, it would lend support to the property owner willing to take down such tree at his/her own expense, given the benefit to the community.


Dues Collection: Nelson indicated that he would like to conduct an experiment in District II and send out self-addressed, stamped envelopes to residents the next time we have to collect dues. The Board agreed and that, depending on his collection success rate, it might consider adopting this method of dues collection for all Districts in the future.


The next LTWCA meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on March 8, 2006 at 1074 Los Trancos Road. Michael will lead that meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Peri Nielsen, LTWCA Secretary.