LTWCA Board Meeting 2/8/11

Board Members present: Autumn, Steve, Sonia, JoAnn, Jan, Tom Absent: Julie

Sonia is planning to spearhead a social event, a block party or picnic. The priority would be in the summer. Thoughts were that June would be best.

Steve---the emergency preparedness plans are continuing . He made contact with Rob Kalman, his counterpart in the Vista Verde Association, and they are going to update the community resource guide and the emergency phone tree. His hope is that we can get our neighbors all to participate in refreshing their use of their two-way radios and learning how to use the equipment at the Hunners' garage that houses all our emergency equipment. The current plan is to do this during the social event being planned by Sonia.

Autumn commented on the clearing of the debris left from fallen trees after the winter storms. Steve said this was the work of the Water Board as part of their fire-safety work.

Autumn also reported calling Animal Control at the County after seeing the deer kill on Los Trancos Circle . JoAnn said that Ronny had come along when Animal Control was there cleaning up the carcass. He reported that Animal Control had tried to do it the night before, but the mountain lion was there so they had to come back during the day.

Autumn reported that the bulletin board is up but the material is hard. She suggests people bring a staple gun to put up anything.

Steve reported that bushes and trees that have ribbons on them are natives, and should not be cut down or pulled.

Sonia said she would assemble a packet for newcomers, with a directory and a page in addition that would list important facts: dues are $30 every two years; thereÕs a womenÕs book club; how to get on our yahoo group; and how to access our new electronic newsletter. The District Representatives would distribute the packets to new residents in their districts.

JoAnn, Jan, and Sonia had additional stories about seeing mountain lions and it’s agreed we’ll ask the community to report sightings.

The whole committee went over changes to the Articles of Association. We had suggestions from different residents after they were sent out to the whole community. We incorporated those and others and will adopt the finished Articles at the next meeting. Everyone is encouraged to come to participate in that task.

Next meeting is Tuesday, March 8th at 7pm; at Tom ThayerÕs, 147 Lake Road .