Los Trancos Woods Community Board Meeting


Place: JoAnn LoulanŐs

Present:  Jan Avilla,  Steve Friedman, JoAnn Loulan, Sonia Martinez, Tom Thayer






1. these will be written up by someone chosen during the meeting. That person will be responsible for printing up the minutes and posting them physically on the three bulletin boards in the Woods: on Los Trancos Road across from the Mazawa/McDonalds; on Los Trancos Circle at the bottom of Bonita;

2. Email them to Jerry Jensen so he can post them on the LTW Website


Contribution to community picnic on Pony Tracks September 24th

1.  Steve and Jan had attended the meeting about the picnic and VV asked if we would contribute more than our usual $100. Steve agreed to giving $250 of our funds as traditionally at least 25% of the attendees are from LTW.

2. This was unanimously agreed to by those present.

3.  Steve and Jan reminded us that we are not to invite non-residents of                         LTW or VV unless someone is visiting you and staying. The current resident of Pony Tracks want to have this be for residents only.


Road resurfacing by Bond Blacktops

1. Even though this material can be inexpensive it is still needed in our area, especially on Carmel Way where the road is literally crumbling. That is probably where the work will begin.

2. Remember to move cars by 8 a.m. when the work is to be done on the street. Otherwise cars WILL BE TOWED.  We are to be getting 48 hours notice.

3. Make sure to be careful on bikes or cars when driving through the new material as it will spray on your car and dangerous for bicycle riding.

4. If there are problems or you want information call Project Manager: Bob Gobble 408-639-0876


Earthquake Exercise—October 30, 2011  from 9-12:

1. Combined with Vista Verde and held at command center 184 Vista Verde (home of ArcherŐs)

2. Covering—various disaster senarios, first aid, using our radios and what to do about your animals in an earthquake

3. Anyone who has gone through the CERT Training—please join us so you can help to show others what is needed

4. Please familiarize yourselves with our emergency preparedness which is in your VV and LTW Community Resource Guide.

5. There are rebates available for emergency gas shut off valves that automatically shut off gas if there is an earthquake. The days of getting a wrench and turning it

yourself are over.. Fires will be one of our main concerns and everyone can get a shut off valve and have it installed and usually all of it reimbursed by the LTWC Water District.  All of this is posted at:  ltcwd.org


Welcoming Packets

1. Board members and heads of districts should have them.

2. Right now they are simply the Commuity Resource Guide.

3. It was suggested that we buy radios and show folks how to use them and ask them to reimburse us for most of the cost.

4. We decided that we should have a letter from the Board to welcome folks as well, Tom Thayer agreed to write the letter and get input about the wording. It should also include a remided for people to look over the emergency information.


Garbage Cans

1. Please remember to take in your cans after MondayŐs pick up. This is for looks as well as  safety. Our roads are narrow. Thank you.


The meeting was adjourned.  Our next Board meeting is scheduled for November 9.



Submitted by JoAnn Loulan