On Wednesday evening, May 9, 2012, a quorum of the LTWCA Board met at Autumn Stanley's house at 7 PM.  There were no urgent agenda items, but the following matters were discussed:


    l) Continuing problem with garbage cans being left at the street after Monday's collection, sometimes all week--unsightly and possibly even a traffic obstacle.  We decided to thank residents who stopped doing this,  put a notice in the Newsletter about it, and contact individually those still leaving their cans out.   

    2) Need for better contact with and flow of information to the community.


a) Tom Thayer volunteered to provide Linda Drey-Nightingale with a summary of topics being considered by the Board, with the schedule for upcoming meetings and an invitation for anyone in the community to attend.  Along with the meeting schedule will be a recommendation that anyone planning to attendi call a board member before the meeting to make sure that it is still taking place.


          b) Digest of Board minutes/meeting discussions to be more rigorously posted on community bulletin boards and sent to Jerry Jensen for on-line circulation.


    3) Need for contact with VV about cooperation with them on the annual picnic.  Sonia Martin will be that contact person.


    4) The Board also discussed our Water Board's recent decisions to end the water-conservation rebate program, hire a paid coordinator, and continue with the costly plans to handle water movement.  The Board agreed strongly that the prime goal and focus of the Water Board should be to safeguard and care for the Water Board's own lands, and especially to find a permanent trustee for them when this Water Board is no more.  We also agreed that the Water Board should consider putting more controversial items to a community-wide vote.


    Our next meeting is tentatively set for the second Wednesday in June--the thirteenth, at 7 PM, with JoAnn Loulan as tentative host.


                Autumn Stanley