Los Trancos Woods Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

15 August 2012



Jan Avilla

Julie Duncan

Steve Friedman

Sonia Martinez

Tom Thayer


Treasurer Report (Julie)

Expenses since last meeting: $944.43 for Community Resource Guide printing- $414 from LTWCA funds             

                  and $530.03 from Emergency Preparedness funds

Current balances:

                  Emergency Preparedness             $3243.54

                  LTWCA                                                        $  326.82

                  Total Checking                                      $3263.54


                  Savings Account (LTWCA)               $1796.19


                  Cash (LTWCA)                                         $    58.96


Dues Collection

Goal: Collect $60 per household dues from all households in LTW


Board action:  Unanimous approval for using PayPal and for not charging extra for those who use it to pay their dues


Next steps:

1.     Julie to work with Jerry Jensen to establish PayPal account for dues collection and to place “Donations” button on our web site

2.     Steve to create email distribution list for LTW only, write draft dues message for Board member review, and send out message to the distribution list

3.     Board members will then be responsible for whatever further actions are needed to collect dues from within their district




Joint picnic with Vista Verde and Blue Oaks


Date, time and location: Saturday, September 22nd, 11:00 to 2:00


Board action: Reaffirmed our willingness to pay half of the total expenses


Next steps:

1.     Tom to send Rob Kalman an email addressing

a.     The number of volunteers needed and their capabilities

b.     A mechanism to allow residents’ house guests to attend, and to be able to accept payment for the

c.     Steve’s idea for using outdated fire extinguishers so that people can get experience using them

d.     Continued communication of the picnic plans

2.     We will draft a message and send it to Steve’s Los Trancos distribution list emphasizing that this is a joint VV and LTW picnic (i.e. we are not just guests at the VV picnic)



Annual Meeting


We discussed our obligation to hold an annual LTWCA meeting and agreed that we could not do it at the picnic.


Next Steps:

1.     Tom to review Bylaws to determine annual meeting requirements

2.     Steve to find out how the Water Board is able to arrange for a room at the school or PV center for their meetings so that we can do the same for our annual meeting

3.     The annual meeting will tentatively be held in the fall after the picnic (e.g. October)