WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 2013    7:00  p.m.


Attendees:  Autumn Stanley, Tom Thayer, Steve Friedman, Sonia Martinez, and new board member, Joan Owen.  Tom led the meeting.


Public Comment:  Bob Neuer


Treasurer’s Report:  None 


Los Trancos and Vista Verde residents are planning our annual picnic on Saturday, September 21st at Pony Tracks Ranch. All Los Trancos and Vista Verde residents are welcome. Details to follow.


Emergency Preparedness Report: 

On fire safety:

Steve reported that he, Bill Tragg and Tracy Sherman have planned a hands-on fire extinguisher demonstration for the picnic September 21. A grant from the Water District will cut the cost for new fire extinguishers to residents in half. Residents can buy them at the picnic.


Palo Alto has begun clearing brush from the edges of Los Trancos Road between the Alpine Hills Tennis Club and the Arrillaga’s driveway.


On evacuation preparations:

Since the Rapley trail is intended for emergency vehicles only and is off limits to private vehicles for evacuation, the emergency prep team is redrafting the evacuation map in the VV/LTW community resource guide.

On medical supplies for evacuation site at Pony Tracks Ranch:

Funds from Vista Verde and Los Trancos Woods community associations have paid to replenish medical



Evacuation drill:

The sheriff’s department will lead an evacuation drill for residents next April.


New Business: 

Autumn agreed to send a newsletter note to Linda asking residents to recycle newly-delivered phone books and asking dog owners to clean up after their dogs. Board members agreed to check whether we have two sites for dog walkers in the woods with plastic bags in dispensers.


Tom proposed a community meeting for residents with questions about the up-coming Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) report on our water board and about the state’s fire fees. He suggested inviting County Supervisor Don Horsley and State Assemblyman Rich Gordon and Martha Poyatos, Exectuive Officer of LAFCo. Members of the LTWCA suggested a question format, a League of Women Voters’ moderator and limiting the time for each person who chooses to speak so more people have time for their questions.


Public Comment: Bob Neuer suggested combining the efforts of the ad hoc committee, SARR, with the efforts of the water district to complete repair to Ramona Road. The LTW asked that we hear updates as the construction progresses from the SARR group.


Frequency of Meetings:

Our 2013 quarterly meeting dates conclude with a meeting the second Wednesday of October at 7 p.m at Sonia’s home. Julie will e-mail a reminder to board members three weeks prior to the meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Joan Owen