LTWCA Newsletter - Dec. 2007/Jan. 2008


We Can Make a World of Difference..and a Different World

Although this holiday season is more sobering than past years, there are some simple action items you can do to lessen your global warming impact.

1.  Remember that when you make a list and check it twice, check for all the errands that you can combine and save on gas.  In addition you can purchase carbon offsets for the gas you use and for your air travel at and then click on Cool It.

2.  When holiday cheer lights up your life, make your light  either a compact fluorescent or a string of LED lights or LED nightlight.  Easy to find at hardware stores, these energy saving lights make great gift items too.

3.  Wrap it up..with less waste.  Reusable bags get a lot of mileage from year to year.  Better yet, what about giving gifts that do not consume and benefit more than just the receiver.  Their favorite charity is a great place to put your gift money, while also honoring the values and passions of the recipient.

4.  Party hardy with finger foods, real glasses, in-season fresh veggies and fruits, even better, organic or locally grown veggies and fruit.  Remember people are visiting for the company, not the food.

5.  Most importantly, think about , “The best things in life are not things.”

Submitted by Linda Drey-Nightingale


8 March 2008 - In Honor of June Bilisoly

An extra star is shining brightly over the Woods. It belongs to a friend, a good neighbor, a caretaker of our native landscape, an inspiring and dedicated nonnative plant puller, and a true worker bee for this community.  June Bilisoly passed away from cancer on 11 Nov. after a life where she volunteered not only as our Treasurer but also at Stanford Hospital, she was our watchful eye for spotting invasive, ecologically changing nonnative plants, she graciously shared her deep knowledge and love of native plants, and she was a hardy hiking partner to those who joined her.   We will miss her and will honor her life on 8 March 2008 when there will be a broom pull in her name.  How like June that she still inspires our hearts and hands to take meticulous care of this land.  Put the date on your calendar!

Submitted by Linda Drey-Nightingale


Water District Board News

At the December 6th Water Board meeting, the District will honor retiring Director Stan Gage. Stan served on the Board for over 30 years and was instrumental in it's day to day operations, and the transition to CalWater. His experience and tireless efforts on behalf of the community will be missed. Thank you, Stan, for all your dedication, and enjoy all the free time you will have now.


The results of the Nov. 6th election have been certified by San Mateo County. The final vote count was Charlie Krenz 186, Mike Ward 122 and Richard Swan 110. Voter turnout was 36%. Congratulations to both Charlie and Mike. The Board is also saying goodbye to Frazier Miller who is resigning due to increasing work responsibilities and the demands of a young family. Thank you, Frazier, for your service. Also at the Dec. 6th meeting the Board will interview candidates for the vacant seat and appoint a new Director.

Submitted by David Smernoff, Los Trancos County Water Board


Emergency Preparedness News

As December's rains begin, our emergency preparedness focus shifts from wildfires toward earthquakes.  The minor shake we had several weeks ago served as a reminder that an earthquake can occur at an inconvenient time:  in the dark, in the rain, or during the workday when our families are scattered.  Here is a year-end reminder of the short list of familiar, but vital preparedness tasks, that we should all try to keep up with.  Fortunately, everything on this checklist has a high value for the effort required -- nothing is any more difficult or time-consuming than sending someone a birthday present.  (Basic preparedness is a lot like remembering birthdays -- the most difficult part is simply not neglecting to do it!) 

1.  Stockpile one gallon of water per person per day, with a minimum of three days' supply and ideally enough for a week or two.   Do not forget some food too.

2.  Remember a flashlight with working batteries, stored in a place you can find in the dark. 

3.  Know where your gas and water shutoffs are, have a shutoff tool handy,and know how to shut them off. 

4.  Have your two-way radio tuned to channel 9-11, with fresh batteries. 

5.  Be familiar with the emergency phone tree in your district.

Submitted by Arthur Nielsen, Emergency Preparedness Team.


SOD Update

The past two months have been a whirl of activity on the Sudden Oak Death front.  Neighbors have been working hard trimming bay tree limbs away from oaks which is critical to protecting your oak trees from the pathogen.  Over 90 households have had their oaks sprayed with Agri-Fos to prevent infection.  Dead and infected oak trees have already been found both in the Woods and in Vista Verde.  For more information contact Amanda at, or Linda at 851-1787.

Submitted by the Sudden Oak Death Task Force


Neighborhood Notes

-  All LTW residents are invited to join the Los Trancos Woods Yahoo Group.  In order to do so, e-mail with your request to join.  The group list is not for chitchat (hanging over fences and meeting at mailboxes is for that) but for community related business.  Well written, thoughtful e-mails are always welcome.

Cynthia Gibbs, Patt Baenen, and a mystery person are instrumental in keeping our dog poop pickup program a success.  Every week they check and refill the containers with bags for dog walkers to take in case the walkers forgot their own bags.  Our community is better looking and better smelling because of their efforts.  Thank you!

Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off will be on Sat., 8 Dec. in Redwood City.  To make an appointment for any location or date call 363-4718 or go to


Next Meeting - There is no meeting scheduled.  For minutes of the last meeting, please see the LTWCA Web Site.


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