LTWCA Newsletter - December 2002/January 2003



Local Resident Almost Dies in Earthquake

On 26 October at 9 a.m. a significant “earthquake” rocked Los Trancos Woods and surrounding area. Local resident, Sam (or was it Dick, or Harry), was found in the nick of time in his home. He was bleeding to death from wounds sustained from falling debris. All things considered our earthquake drill was a smashing success with only a few mishaps. About 50% of the houses put out their flags and over 40 people participated. We realized it is imperative that EVERY SINGLE HOUSE is checked and that everyone read their emergency packet ahead of time. Thank you to all who participated in such a critical event!


As a follow up Carol Wagner held a meeting at her house on 7 Dec. to work out the kinks and improve our emergency preparedness. 25 people attended and learned more of the ropes. We owe a lot, maybe even our lives, to Carol Wagner who has done such a tremendous job of getting us to where we are today!! Thank her when you see her.

Submitted by Linda Drey-Nightingale


Emergency News

Now is the time to make that New Year’s Resolution to be prepared and help with the Emergency Preparedness Program. Reread the emergency information packet. Please consider helping to oversee the program. It is all set up and would require much less time than in these last several years. We need someone soon since Carol is leaving the post. Call Carol Wagner to sign up, 851-8675.


Give yourself and your family a gift that could save a life, attend a CPR class.

Jan. 18            CPR                10 a.m. to 4 p.m.                   Woodside Fire Station

Feb. 15                       CPR                10 a.m. to 4 p.m.                   Woodside Fire Station

To make your reservation or get more information call Gaylynne Mann at 851-1594.

Submitted by Carol Wagner


Zoning Committee News

The community zoning meetings have finished and the feedback will now be considered and incorporated into the next proposal to the community. The zoning committee thanks all (40+ people) who took their time to come out, or write, and participate in the process.

Submitted by Armin Staprans


Sewer News

In June an agreement was signed with the engineering firm of Wilsey Ham to begin the design and consulting work. They are presently working with West Bay Sanitary District, San Mateo Co., and the Town of P.V. The goal is to complete the design by spring of 2003.

Submitted by Marc Levaggi

How to Make Your Holiday EverGreen

Here are a few environmentally friendly ideas of how to either avoid the holiday waste or what to do with the waste.

1. Use either a living (potted) tree, an artificial tree, or a cut evergreen tree. (Evergreen trees, unflocked or flocked, can be completely stripped of decorations, including tinsel, cut to fit in can and put out on 6 Jan. for yard waste pickup.)

2. Instead of yards of wrapping paper, use the decorative bags which can be used again next year. If you have an unusually large box, get out the Sunday comics to wrap it in. The comics can be recycled once you have removed the tape. Decorative wrapping paper, but not metallic or foil paper, can be recycled. Be sure you remove all tape.

3. Flatten all cardboard boxes and tie up for pickup on recycle day. Paperboard boxes can be used again, or if they do not have foil, shiny decorations, or plastic windows, they can be flattened and put in mixed paper for recycling.

4. Many holiday greeting cards cannot be recycled; however, the envelopes, if they have no foil liners, decorations, or plastic windows, can be recycled. If the front flap of the card has no writing on the back, it can be cut off and used for a holiday postcard.

If you have any further questions, please call GreenWaste Recovery, M-F, 8-6 p.m., 568-9900.


Lost and Found

A diamond earing post was found. Call 851-1829 to claim. This is a new column we are trying. Please call Linda, 851-1787, with any information for Feb./Mar. newsletter.


Next Board Meeting - 8 Jan., 7:00 p.m., at 21 Old Spanish Trail. There will be a discussion of the zoning proposal and emergency preparedness. For minutes of the last meeting, please see the LTWCA Web Site or your District Representative.


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