LTW/VV Newsletter - April/May 2010


Sudden Oak Death Q & A

Is burning wood from a SOD killed tree a possible means of spreading the disease to unaffected trees through the smoke from the burning wood?

No, burning the wood infected by SOD does not spread the disease but kills the SOD pathogen.  In fact, it is best if wood is not moved off-site, but kept on-sight to decompose, to be chipped and spread in the dry season, or to be used in some fashion like burning.

How long does the live organism last in the bark and in the branches of an oak which has died from Sudden Oak Death?

We will research this question to see if there is a known answer.  Look for a posting on the VV/LTW Yahoo Group.

What source can I read to find out more about SOD?

An excellent web site to refer to is, where you can download the homeowner's guide, or you can go to and click on the link to Sudden Oak Death for more local questions.

Submitted by the Sudden Oak Death Task Force


Emergency Preparedness

Are you Ready for a Wildland Fire?  Will your House Survive? 

Attend the information session to find out what to do at Portola Valley Town Center, Little School House, 765 Portola Rd. on Thursday, April 8th at 7:00 p.m.


Representatives from the Woodside Fire Protection District and CERPP will present information about what you should do when a wildland fire is threatening your home. Additionally, a new approach to preventing the loss of your home will be introduced.  Scientific research has led to a better understanding of why homes burn during wildland fire events. This understanding has developed into a new approach for homeowners to use to evaluate what improvements will help their home to survive.  As a homeowner you will come away with new tools to evaluate your risks and to create an easily achievable plan for improving your home's survivability.


Mark your calendars right now for the Emergency Preparedness Fire Drill on Saturday, April 24th at 9:00 a.m.  A special session will be held at the Vista Verde Emergency Operations Center, 184 Vista Verde Way.   Los Trancos Woods and Vista Verde residents are encouraged to participate in a "hands-on" demonstration of the things we can do to help save our homes in the event of a wildland fire.  We will perform actual home evaluation exercises.

Submitted by Steve Friedman, LTW Emergency Preparedness Coordinator


LTWCA Dues Are Due

60% have already sent in their dues, but we need you all to participate! The LTW Community Association benefits LTW residents.  Members pay $30 dues every two years, $20 for Emergency Preparedness and $10 for LTWCA.  These funds pay for a variety of community benefits such as the Community Resource Guide, emergency preparedness, the Newsletter, and the picnic. By 20 April please mail a check for $30 payable to LTWCA to 111 Carmel Way, P.V., CA  94028.

Your Dues at Work:  The annual Community Picnic is resuming in Los Trancos Woods with its sumptuous foods, fascinating presentations (this year will be a "hot" topic), and jovial conversations.  The date will be either 13 or 27 June.  We will keep you posted.  This picnic should not be confused with the September Pony Tracks Picnic.



2010 Guide to Safety First

Formerly known as the VV Directory and the LTW Directory, the new, updated, improved, collaborative 2010 Community Resource Guide includes all that you need and look forward to.  There is a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness section (read it carefully and keep it handy), a landscape section, a history section, a Sudden Oak Death section, and, of course, the ever popular phone and address sections and reverse directory.  Numerous people from VV and LTW put their noses to the grindstone on this one:  Karen Tate, Keri Tate, Steve Friedman, Bill Tagg, Richard Tryce, Linda Drey-Nightingale, Tracy Sherman, Cindy Rowe, Amanda Lee, Jim Rodgers, and Ruth Taylor.  The air is buzzing with excitement over the release of this outstanding publication.  If you have not gotten your copy yet, be sure to contact your District Representative or Steve at for Los Trancos Woods and Ruth Taylor for Vista Verde.

Submitted by Keri Tate and Linda Drey-Nightingale


Neighborhood Notes

-  On February 26, little baby Willow Clementine Morgan came into this world!  She was named for her parents' love of nature (Willow) and family (Clementine is a very-great-grandmother name).  Happy parents Heather & Justin Morgan (1189 Los Trancos Road) have been enjoying the local trails with Willow in tow... and have spent many peaceful moments on the benches by the lake... gazing at their cutie-pie and the surrounding beauty of the Woods.  Thanks to those who have worked to create and preserve these beautiful spaces!

Submitted by Heather & Justin Morgan

-  Wildflower Wonders!  Come join neighbors in a Wildflower Walk on Saturday, 10 April, 9:30-11:30.  Meet at the trailhead entrance on Old Spanish Trail.  Bring your wildflower guide, your sunhat (we hope), your water bottle, your sense of awe and let us all wander the path together.

-  Our own Yvonne Tryce is offering some educational opportunities for the young ones, K-3rd grade, at P.V. Town Center.  During the spring Science Classes students will learn about birds and insects as they explore the world of flying creatures. You may sign up at the Town Center offices or on-line at the Town website  If you have questions, you can    e-mail

-  Are you starry eyed?  Then come on down to Town Center for the Star Party on 17 April at 8 p.m. on the soccer field. STAR PARTY POSTPONED.  We all live among wildlife, but what about successfully "Living with Wildlife."  Come down to Town Center for a workshop on 8 May, 9-noon, about how to be successful in a wildlife zone.

Dead animal removal, while not an everyday occurrence, does on occasion happen.  This last winter there were 2 deer that died in the Woods.  On private property Stephanie Margulis found that San Jose Tallow Company, 800-464-7160, would remove a carcass for a reasonable fee.

-  Our intrepid rain monitor, Gene Hunner, has once again given us the stats: February - 5.67", March - 5.05", total rain for the season - 33.42".  Thank you, Gene.


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