LTWCA Newsletter - May 2001


Farewell Jean Rasch

Thank you for getting the Los Trancos Woods Community Association up and running again! We really appreciate all your hard work to get the directory published again, the September picnic rolling, the monthly meetings set up. You put in a lot of your time to look at the zoning issues, bring up questions, meet with county officials, investigate alternatives and generally become informed on what zoning means. We thank you! Good luck on your new career and we will see you around.


Welcome Michael Glenn

At the March Board meeting Michael Glenn was officially welcomed as the new Representative at Large.


Next Board Meeting - 29 May 2001, 7:00 p.m., at 115 Lake Rd.. Articles of Association will be discussed. For minutes of the last meeting, please see the LTW Web Site or your district rep.



Wishing a Warm Welcome to the Woods’ Web Site

Moving into the new millennium, the LTWCA now has internet presence. Jerry Jensen has set up two services - a web site and a group e-mail list.

The web site is:

The group e-mail list is:


The web site is aimed at being more like a library of meeting notes, outside correspondence to the community, important documents like "The Articles" of the LTWCA, links to other important or interesting sites, and so on. Content of the site is approved by the LTWCA board.


The group e-mail is useful for sending general announcements like this one. The list will let you send e-mail to everybody on the list at once.


Another feature of the web site is a discussion forum. This is the place for personal opinions to be expressed, discussed and argued. Just click on the "LTW Forum" link on the home page. Since postings to the forum are visible to the entire internet, do not give out private information. The idea here is a forum for discussion that does not load up the inboxes of all 125 people on the group e-mail list. Forum postings can only be seen by going to the forum purposefully. For example, it is acceptable etiquette to send a group e-mail announcing a discussion of Jerry's ugly mailbox, but it is bad etiquette to use the group e-mail for complaining (or replying) about Jerry's mailbox.


IN NO WAY will these services ever exclude anybody who does not have internet access. Anything important will be distributed on paper to your mailbox as well as online. Jerry welcomes comment, criticism, requests for help and suggestions about his mailbox (mailto:


Submitted by Jerry Jensen


A BIG THANK YOU, Jerry! We really appreciate all you have taken on and accomplished.




Opportunities Abound


President of Los Trancos Woods Community Association



The President’s position is now available. (Jean Rasch has resigned from the Board as of March. Thank you, Jean, for your hard work!) The Board is asking any and all interested persons to step forward and put your name in the ring for this GREAT position!



The Woods provide us with the wonderful opportunity to relax and live in a stunning environment. Here is the golden opportunity to give back to the Woods. A whole host of benefits/opportunities come with this position: getting to know your neighbors, working with a dedicated group of volunteers, creating a community feeling, helping local projects come to fruition, being informed of what the Town of Portola Valley has got in store for our boundaries and sometimes having a say, and much more!


Purpose of the LTWCA as stated in the Articles of Association:

“The purpose of the Los Trancos Woods Community Association shall be to advance the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents and property owners in Los Trancos Woods.”


President’s Position:

Plan and coordinate meetings. These may be monthly, bimonthly, or as needed. Oversee the LTW newsletter. Oversee the publication of the directory every couple of years, Oversee the Annual Picnic. Act as liaison with the Town of Portola Valley and San Mateo County. Handle the correspondence and be contact person for LTW. Keep tabs on the Town of Portola Valley’s decisions, especially those that affect us.


How to apply:

Call Michael Glenn, 851-9538, or Linda Drey-Nightingale, 851-1787.


Election Process:

An announcement goes out to the community soliciting nominations. The board votes on the nominations. The nominees are immediately called with the results. The community is notified of the results in the next newsletter.