LTWCA Newsletter - June 2001



Kudos and Thank Yous to Monica and John

After years (nearest we can calculate to is about 20!!) of outstanding service to our community, we bid a fond farewell to Monica and John Ertel. They are selling their home and moving to Marin City. Monica has served as Representative-at-Large for a number of years, but more importantly, Monica has kept up the database for the Los Trancos Woods Directory and put it all together to publish multiple Directories. Her dedication and superb work is really appreciated by all. John not only served many years on the Water District Board but also spearheaded getting the generators in place for our water system, and he saved us lots of money in the process. A hearty thank you, John and Monica!



Jean Rasch’s Petition on Zoning Changes

The petition which arrived at your mailbox several weeks ago from Jean Rasch is not from the Los Trancos Woods Community Association. It is a petition from an individual community member, Jean Rasch. At present the Association Board is working on an informational brochure, is putting together a Zoning Committee, and is interested in building a consensus in the community before any action is taken.



Appeal for New Zoning Committee

The LTWCA is in the process of assembling a new Zoning Committee. The Committee’s focus will be to assess the impact of bringing sewers to Los Trancos Woods, to provide information to the Community about zoning and impacts, and to survey the Community to see if there is a collective desire for different zoning.


It is important that the new Zoning Committee be comprised of a representative cross-section of people from the Woods. We wish to limit the Committee to about ten people. Participation would require one or two meetings per month for the next six months or so.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Zoning Committee, please contact Linda Drey-Nightingale (851-1787).

Submitted by Armin Staprans



Town of Portola Valley Activities

- The Town Trails are now signed at the trail heads! The names of the trails are listed along with the distances. Notice that some trails have designated uses (horses, bikes, dogs, walking) also listed at the trail heads. Please honor these designations as we are guests on their trails. We do not pay for their upkeep.

- Speed limit changes have been approved for Willowbrook (was 30 mph, now 25 mph) and Cervantes (was 30 mph, now 25 mph).

- Planning Commission will review Land Use and Geology within geologically sensitive areas and General Plan Trails and Path Element on 4 Sept. 2001. (Call to recheck date in August)

- Planning Commission will hold public hearings on the General Plan - Housing, Safety and Noise Elements in Fall 2001.


Keeping an Eye on Portola Valley Town Council

For many years one or more LTWCA Board Members attended Town Council meetings. Often the Council did something of which the Woods residents needed to be aware. Lately, there has been no monitoring. The LTWCA Board is asking for volunteers - nice to have 6 or more so you can go in rotation. The P.V. Council meets every 2nd and 4th Wed. of the month, at 8:00 p.m. Marguerite Thayer receives the agenda ahead of time and knows if monitors are needed. If you can spare one evening a month or every other month (more volunteers means less), please contact Marguerite, 851-7322, or Our job is to take care of ourselves, since the Town of P.V. is not going to do it for us. I await the rush of volunteers!

submitted by Marguerite Thayer



Do You Want HELP in an Emergency?

Then we need your help. You need to pay your $20 by 25 June to cover the cost of emergency supplies. There are over 60 households who have not yet paid their money. Drop off your payment or mail it to Carol Wagner’s house, 184 Bonita, or call her at 851-8675.

ACT NOW before an emergency happens!



District One News

The residents on Carmel Way welcomed a new neighbor on the 29th of May when Renee & Ralph Lewis brought home their first child whom they have named James.


Marshall Pease passed away on 3 June surrounded by his loving family. He is survived by two sons and a daughter, several grandchildren, and Nancy Kautz, a former neighbor and dear friend. Marshall was 80 years old and had lived up here in the Woods since the 1960’s. His memorial service will be on 24 June at Little House in Menlo Park where he generously volunteered numerous hours to teach computer skills to the seniors. He will be missed by his neighbors on Carmel.

Submitted by Julie Duncan



Next Board Meeting - 11 July 2001, 7:00 p.m., at 21 Old Spanish Trail. Proposal for changes to the Articles of Association will be finalized. The September Picnic plans will be discussed. For minutes of the last meeting, please see the LTWCA Web Site or your District Representative.


Los Trancos Woods (LTWCA) Web Site

The web site address is:                                                      The group e-mail list is:                                    

Our sincere thanks to Jerry Jensen for maintaining this site.



Space Available


Positions on Los Trancos Woods Community Association Board


There are Representative-at-Large, Secretary, and President positions now available. The Board is asking any interested persons to step forward and sign up for these GREAT lifetime opportunities!


Purpose of the LTWCA as stated in the Articles of Association:

“The purpose of the Los Trancos Woods Community Association shall be to advance the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents and property owners in Los Trancos Woods.”


What you get to do:

Attend monthly meetings. Discuss important, and sometimes fun, matters concerning the Community. Represent yourself, your neighbors and whoever else calls you to discuss a Community issue. Secretary will take notes. President arranges and runs meetings.


More exciting things you get to do:

Volunteer to serve on subcommittees as the need arises. Volunteer to help out with the general duties, e.g. newsletter production and delivery, researching information, etc.


How to apply:

Call Michael Glenn, 851-9538, or Linda Drey-Nightingale, 851-1787.





Election Process:

An announcement goes out to the community soliciting nominations. The board votes on the nominations. The nominees are immediately called with the results. The community is notified of the results in the next newsletter.