LTWCA Newsletter - June/July 2006


Water Board Update

On May 17th the District had its final Municipal Services Review (MSR) with LAFCo. Thanks to the hard work of Board members and District volunteers, we had a well formulated presentation for the Commissioners and a positive outcome for our review. Our presentation and LAFCo's report can be found at The final determinations of LAFCo included two recommended changes by the Board (out of four we requested). Overall the Commission was pleased with the progress made by the District on the outstanding issues from the March 15th hearing.


The next step in the LAFCo process is a review of the District's sphere of influence. Shortly the Board will receive a draft report for comment. At the July 19th, 2006 LAFCo hearing the Board will have an opportunity to comment on the report. More information on this aspect will be forthcoming after the Board has reviewed the draft report.


The Board wishes to thank all the community members who helped design, distribute and tabulate the responses to the preliminary survey. The Board thanks all those who responded and for the many thoughtful written comments. As the Board adopts the coming fiscal year (FY) budget this information will be helpful in guiding allocation of District tax revenue. Survey results and comments are posted on the web site.


At the June 1st, 2006 meeting the Board will consider establishing committees to look into water conservation, emergency preparedness and land management. We encourage all interested residents to participate in these committees to provide your input into these District programs. At this meeting the Board will also be reviewing the upcoming FY budget. Regular Board meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM at 25 Joaquin. Board minutes are also posted on the web site.


Finally a HUGE thank you to District Secretary-Auditor Toni Markley for 30+ years of service to the District. At the May 8th meeting Toni submitted her resignation letter which was reluctantly accepted by the Board. Please thank her in person next time you see her! We're now looking for a replacement, if you are interested please contact David Smernoff.


We strongly encourage all residents to join either the Vista Verde or Los Trancos Woods yahoogroups to stay current with District activities.

Submitted by David Smernoff and Stan Gage, Los Trancos County Water Board


A “Bouquet of Thanks” for Toni Markley

Can you imagine over 180 meetings, more than that many pages of minutes, and the hours of work that went with all that?  Toni Markley has done a great service for our community in the 30+ years that she served as Secretary/Treasurer for the Los Trancos County Water Board.  Toni adeptly kept track of the activities of the Board from handling droughts, to replacing water guzzling toilets with water saving toilets, to complete redesign of the water system when the Blue Oaks development was added to our system, to sale of the water system to CalWater.  Toni, you are a true inspiration and we thank you!  Each one of us has talents to add to our community.  I am sure there is another talented note taker out there, so sign on now with David Smernoff.

Submitted by Linda Drey-Nightingale

Sewer News

Our friends at the West Bay Sanitary District are making headway with the sewer project. The design has been completed, the project has been put out for tenders, and a contract has been awarded. At present time the district is waiting for a signed contract to come back. The next step is to define and make public the timeline for the implementation.


West Bay Sanitary District web site:

Submitted by Tore Gillbrand from a phone conversation with West Bay Sanitary District


Neighborhood Notes

-  Mark your calendar now for the LTW Annual Picnic on 17 September.  We are in need of a speaker.  Please contact any Board member (listed on the last page of your Directory) if you have ideas or want to help plan the Picnic.  Better yet, attend the 12 July meeting to get in on the planning.  Let’s make this a combined community effort!

-  A new LTW Directory is due out in September 2006.  Please e-mail or call Gale Smith with your changes by 1 August so we can publish the Directory by picnic time. 

-  District 1- Congratulations to Gaja and Dave Frampton, residents of Carmel Way, who are celebrating the birth of their first child, a son, Alexander Michael, who was born on April 27th.

     Submitted by Julie Duncan

-  District 3 - Beth and Tore have another new addition to the Gillbrand family.  Tucker Gillbrand was born on February 19th.  He is happy and healthy and joins (slightly) older brother Jamie on the Gillbrand team! 

     Submitted by Beth Gillbrand

-  Lost & Found - A remote key with a “panic” button for a Mercedes-Benz was found on the corner of Ramona and Vista Verde.  Please contact Keri Tate or Patrick Finnigan if it belongs to you or you know whom it may belong to.


Next Meeting -  7:00 p.m., 12 July, 1074 Los Trancos Rd.   Agenda includes LTW Directory, annual picnic and emergency preparedness.  For minutes of the last meeting, please see the LTWCA Web Site or your District Rep.


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