LTWCA Newsletter - August/September 2003


Disaster Preparedness IsnÕt Just for People

Members of our community have worked long and hard over the last few years to pull together a disaster preparedness plan geared toward keeping our community safe and supported during any event that may cut us off from more formal support providers. Included in our current disaster plan are items specific to the care and support of our pet animals.


I recently attended a workshop offered by the United Animal Nations Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) to get some more ideas. As with our "people preparedness" plans, EARS reminded me that we must rely heavily on individual preparedness.

Have the following items for your pets on hand at all times:

- 1 week supply of food stored in airtight plastic containers (rotate every 3 months)

- 2 week supply of water in a tightly sealed plastic container (rotate every 2 months.)

- extra bowls, including disposables that don't require washing (water may be dear)

- critter-specific first aid kit, including a 1 week supply of your pet's medications

- litter boxes for cats, 1 week supply of litter, and bags for waste disposal

- collapsible cages for emergency confinement of cats and dogs, with space for food and water

- if you don't have a cage for your dog, include a tie-out cable & screw stake

Additional tips:

- Make sure your animals wear ID. Animals that will wear collars and/or tags should wear them. A microchip is the absolute best method since collars can break or come off. Include an alternate contact in case you are unreachable via the home phone.

- Have an evacuation plan for your animals. Don't leave home without it! Know where to take your pets if you must evacuate, as pets are not allowed in human shelters unless they are service animals.

- If your animal is not used to traveling in a car or trailer, get them used to it. Even better, get them used to being comfortable and relaxed in a crate or cage.

- When you leave home on vacation or business, be sure your animals' caregiver knows what to do to protect them in the event of a disaster.

- Keep vaccinations current. This will protect them if they need to be housed with other animals. Keep a copy of medical and vaccination records in the disaster supply kit.


I'll have Disaster Supply Check List for Animals pamphlets available at both community picnics. If you have unneeded collars, leashes, crates, collapsible cages, etc., please let me know. I'll collect a few spares to store should the need arise.

Submitted by Jamie Sovereign


Emergency Preparedness News

A CERPP Division Leader Meeting was held on July 23 to discuss the Medical Reserve Corp., the Fall Emergency Preparedness Drill on Saturday, Oct. 25, and radio training and inventory. Please put Oct. 25 on your calendar now and watch for more details soon.


Those interested in becoming part of the Medical Reserve Corp., please set aside the evening of Thursday, Aug. 7 to attend the meeting at the Woodside Town Hall. Jamie Sovereign is being sent applications. If you are interested, please contact her (851-8287) for an application and more details.

Upcoming Classes:

Aug. 16                      CPR                10 a.m. to 4 p.m.                   Woodside Fire Station

Sept. 20                      First Aid         10 a.m. to 3 p.m.                   Woodside Fire Station

Oct. 18                        CPR                10 a.m. to 4 p.m.                   Woodside Fire Station

For reservation or information call Gaylynne Mann at 851-1594 or visit

Submitted by Jamie Sovereign and David Smernoff

Water Board News

The Los Trancos Woods Water Board is preparing the documents to transfer the operation of our water and delivery system to Cal Water. Although the spring rains delayed laying the new water pipeline on Bonita, part of the Circle and Ramona, the Board can now get us on the contractorÕs schedule. Please note that the chloramine replacement of chlorine will be postponed until early 2004.

Submitted by Curt Parkin


District IV News

Sophia Isabel, a 6 lbs. 7 oz. baby, made her appearance 2 weeks early on 26 March. Anna Larner tried to convince Cameron Larner to go to the hospital the night of the 25th, but Cameron wanted to wait until morning. He got a good nightÕs sleep until 6:30 a.m., when Anna could wait no longer. Congratulations from the Woods, Anna and Cameron!


On 19 April a baby was born in the Woods, literally. Koan was born at home with help from a midwife to Christopher and Keiko Sato-Perry. He was a healthy 7 lbs. 6 oz. He is already an international celebrity as grandmother came all the way from Japan to spend 10 days with him in May. Welcome to the Woods community, Koan!


Neighborhood Notes

-  Los Trancos Woods neighbors have been invited to the Vista Verde Picnic on 23 Aug. at 1:00 p.m. at 495 Old Spanish Trail. Here is another fantastic opportunity to meet your Vista Verde neighbors, see those intriguing military tanks that are trucked in, and enjoy live band music and excellent potluck cuisine. Bring something to grill and a dish to share; drinks are provided.

- Mark your calendar for another fabulous Los Trancos Woods Mediterranean Picnic at the Dakes on Sunday, 21 September, 3:30 - 6:30 p.m.! John McClenahan will provide a special session on how to take care of our lovely trees here. Come get all your questions answered about tree care, especially important in light of this dry weather and the 4 beautiful trees that have recently fallen.


Next Meeting - 10 September, 7:00 p.m. There will be a discussion of the picnic and possible Board candidates. For minutes of the last meeting or location of the next meeting, please see the LTWCA Web Site or your District Rep.


Los Trancos Woods (LTWCA) Web Site

The web site address is:                                                      The group e-mail list is:                                    

Our thanks to Jerry Jensen for maintaining this site AND Thank you to Alex Kostrikin for copying our newsletter.


LTWCA Board Opportunities

Benefits: A great way to meet your neighbors. Give a little back to this neighborhood which provides us with so much. Find it satisfying to keep alive the community spirit.

Commitment: 6 Board Meetings per year, one Annual Picnic, and for District Representatives 6 Newsletters per year to distribute to the 35 mail boxes in your District.

Openings: President, District I Representative (103-167 Ramona Rd., Carmel Way, 1008-1036 Los Trancos Rd.), District III Representative (1184-1263 Los Trancos Rd., 176-179 Los Trancos Cir., Bonita Way, El Rey Rd.)

Contact: any Board Member listed in your LTW phone directory or Linda, 851-1787