Los  Trancos Woods Community Association


       LTW/VV Newsletter - August/September 2010


Let's Restart the LTWCA Board!

A group of Los Trancos Woods residents is interested restarting the LTWCA Board.  We feel that the Woods should have a unified voice when we interface with the County, the Vista Verde Community Association, the Water Board, the Sudden Oak Death Task Force and the Roads Committee.  We are asking you  (yes, you) to consider becoming a board member. Or, if you know someone else who would serve our community well, please recommend them to us. It is a great way to keep abreast of issues in the Woods, and it is a very fulfilling way to give back to your community. It is a two year commitment, with about 6-8 meetings per year, and some associated e-mail and committee work totaling to about 20-25 hours per year.  Our Articles of Association require elections to be held in September, so we would like to have all interested candidates identified by the end of August, and all voting should be completed by September 28th. Our June picnic was a great community building event with 70 people in attendance; so, let's build on that success, and keep the community spirit going all year round.  For more information and to sign up, please call or e-mail Tom at tthayer@att.net or 851-5899.  Thank you for considering this.

Submitted by Tom Thayer, Shivani Nautiyal, Armin Staprans, Linda Drey-Nightingale


Heads Up!

Here is the latest and greatest on water saving showerheads.  The EPA has finally completed specifications for the testing of showerheads that reduce water use in showers by at least 20% and in some cases 40%. Go to http://www.epa.gov/watersense/ and look under "Products" and then "Showerheads" to see the products that are already listed. This list should be populated by products from additional vendors in the coming months. Also see the "Learn More" site under "Showerheads" or on the "Home" page to see the criteria used in the qualification testing.

In general, you will find that the showerheads that deliver closer to 2 gallons per minute will produce a shower with the feel and comfort that you are accustomed to.  The LTC Water District has samples of 10 low flow showerheads that you may borrow for trial. Contact Stan Gage at 851-1924. There is a District rebate of up to $50 per showerhead for the installation of any low flow showerhead that meets the Water Sense flow rate maximum of 2.0 GPM.

Submitted by Stan Gage


Water Board News

Notice of modification of the Water Use Discount Program:

In 2005 the Los Trancos County Water District (LTCWD) sold its water delivery responsibility and infrastructure. Since then, a substantial portion of its annual tax revenues has been rebated back to households by the District in the form of "Other charges or credits" on the California Water Service bill. This use has been controversial and has detracted from the District’s ability to fund other programs which serve the community.  At its May meeting, the LTCWD Board voted to modify its “Water Use Discount Program” effective July 1, 2010.  In return for the verified installation of certain water saving devices, the District is offering a rebate of  $12.45/month towards the California Water Service "service charge."  If you were receiving a rebate under "Other charges or credits," you will automatically be enrolled for the current "service charge" rebate.   For full description of program eligibility criteria see “Saving Water Program” at LTCWD.org.

Submitted by Tom Uridel, LTCWD Board President

Los Trancos County Water District Survey:

As of July 31st, the Survey deadline, we have about 35% participation so far which is excellent for a mailed survey, and a bit over our District’s voting participation, but we’d like to do better.  So, we have decided to add a 10-day grace period to the deadline stretching it to August 10th.  If you are just back from vacation, and have not filled out your Survey, please do so now.  Or, if you cannot find your copy, let me know by e-mail, mike@ostassoc.com, or phone, 851-5325, and I will get one to you right away.  Thank you!

Submitted by Mike Ward for LTCWD Board


Emergency Preparedness

Wildland Fires: I love the weather this summer with low temperatures, high humidity and low winds for the most part.  This weather means there is a lower risk of wild fires.  However, lower risk does not mean we can forget about wildfires.  Now is a good time to spend a little effort and make our homes safer from fires.  Bear in mind that most homes catch fire from flying firebrands.  Firebrands are those embers which are sent aloft and can travel a distance from the wildfire source.  These firebrands start fires by blowing into cracks in the exterior walls and roofs of your home, or landing on combustible materials and igniting them.


So what are a couple of simple things we can we do to minimize the chance that our home catches fire?  We want to stop firebrands from entering the house by making sure all openings in the exterior of the house (including on the roof) are less than 1/8 inch.  Use 1/8 inch metal screening on all vent openings. Also, walk around the exterior of your home with a bar-b-q briquette.  Imagine that the briquette is red hot and ask yourself if you would start a fire if you dropped the briquette on your deck, on the flowerbed, or on the ground next to the foundation or a fence.  If so use this opportunity to clear away any combustible material like leaves, dead twigs, or old wood.


Future Emergency Preparedness Events:

August 17: Civilian Emergency Response Training at 6:30 pm, Fire Station 19.

There will be six 2 1/2 hours long classes with a practice exercise on Sat., Sept. 25.

October 23:  Neighborhood CERPP Earthquake Exercise, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon, VV and LTW.

Submitted by Bill Tagg, VV Emergency Preparedness Coordinator


Picnics!  Picnics!

The June picnic down at Joan Dake's was a resounding success with 70 people in attendance.  Thank you, Joan, for your hospitality, tablecloths, beer and wine openers, ice, and sunny smile.  Lost and Found at June picnic:  2 white dinner plates from Pier 1, two matching dinner forks, one small white dipping bowl Home brand. Call 851-1787. 

Now, everyone save the date 25 September, Saturday, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., for the Pony Tracks Ranch Picnic.


Neighborhood Notes

-  Alexandra Swan graduated cum laude in economics and political science from UC San Diego.  She will be working at Linkedin in Mountain View starting in the fall.  Congratulations, Alexandra!

-  Party time!  Summer is one of those popular party times.  We all enjoy seeing the celebratory balloons, but remember to take down the party accoutrements when it is all over - the balloons, signs, etc.  If you are posting signs on someone else's property, be sure to get permission.


2010 Community Resource Guide Changes

Please make the following changes in your 2010 Guide:     

Delete:      Valerie Jenkins, 1148 Los Trancos Rd.   

If there are any changes for the Resource Guide, please let Linda, 851-1787, know and we will publish it in the next newsletter.


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